Terms and Conditions

1. General.
Dewsall means Elizabeth Robinson, Joseph Robinson, Samantha Vaughan and Julian Vaughan trading as Dewsall. Applicants means clients applying to rent a property. Tenants means applicants when they have taken up residence. Booking Form means the booking form specified by Dewsall to be used by all applicants.

2. Reservation.
Applicants can reserve the property over the telephone but Dewsall accept no liability whatsoever for such reservations. No contract exists between them and Dewsall unless Dewsall have received, within seven days the official Booking Form and the relevant payment in accordance with and subject to the provisions of Conditions 3 (a) and 3 (b) herein.

3. Booking Procedure.
a) The offer by the Applicants. Booking may only be accepted if made in writing on Dewsall’s official booking form when all questions have been answered satisfactorily and according to the details specified through email correspondence. For bookings made more than 12 weeks prior to the tenancy commencement date a deposit of 50% of the rent must be delivered with completed booking form. If a booking is made less than 12 weeks before the commencement date the full rent together with any additional charges must be tendered at the time of delivery of the Booking Form. In the event that Dewsall do not accept an Applicants Offer all moneys paid by way of deposit will be refunded immediately.

b) References. Dewsall reserve the right to request any personal details of the Applicants, from up to two referees from current and/or past employers, or a professional person i.e. their GP.

c) Acceptance by Dewsall following receipt of the Booking Form as above, Dewsall will accept or reject the
Applicant’s offer.

4. Final Payment.
The balance of rent and any additional charges is due 12 weeks before the start date of the tenancy. The Cautionary Deposit of £1000 (see point 12 below) is due 4 weeks before the start of the tenancy.
Payment of catering and its associated costs is subject to separate terms and conditions.
Non-payment by the due date will be treated as a cancellation and Dewsall may re-let the property without reference to the applicant who remain liable for payment of the full amount on the same basis as in the event of cancellation ( see 5 Below).
Reminders are not sent – please send the balance by the due date.

5. Cancellation.
Any request to cancel a booking must be sent in writing to Dewsall. Whilst the Applicant remains liable to make the final payment by the due date shown on the Booking Form, Dewsall will attempt to re-let the property for the period of the booking the Applicant wishes to cancel (the Period). If Dewsall re-lets the property for the Period at a sufficient rent, then it will refund to the Applicant a sum equal to the amounts received from the Applicant and the new customer for the property for the Period less 1. the total price of the Applicants booking for the Period; 2. an administration charge of 15% of the total booking cost and 3. all other costs and expenses reasonably incurred Dewsall as a result of the Applicant’s request to cancel.

6. Price Changes.
Dewsall reserve the right to amend the prices quoted in the Brochure or Rates sheet due to errors or omissions or changes in the VAT rate.

7. Method of Payment*.
Payment may be made by cheque (not post-dated) or postal order, made payable to Dewsall Court Ltd. Payment by cash should be sent by registered post. If you pay by credit card we will make a charge of 2% to recover the credit card company’s charges to us for each payment made this way. Any charges raised against Dewsall by their bank for handling dishonoured cheques or direct debit payments will be passed on to the Applicant. *See below.

8. Authority to Sign.
The Applicant acknowledges that he/she /they are authorised to sign the Booking Form on behalf of all persons who will occupy the property and that those persons are aware of the booking conditions. The Applicant shall be a member of the party occupying the property and is/are required to acknowledge the following:
a) Each member of the party must be listed on the Booking Form with their full name, address and age.

b) There is no charge for children under the age of 18 months. Children between the ages of 19 months and 10 years of age are considered part of the allowed number of guests and are limited to 4. Children over 10 and teenagers are very welcome and considered part of the allowed number of guests.

c) The property details state the maximum number of persons permitted to occupy the property and grounds at any time and that it is against the law to smoke on the premises. Any breach of these provisions will constitute a breach of contract. Thereupon Dewsall may terminate the booking forthwith in which event all moneys paid by the Applicant will be forfeit and the Tenants may be required to vacate the property.

d) Dewsall reserve the right to repossess the property at any time where damage, or nuisance has been caused by the Applicant or any member of the party. In such an event Dewsall shall not be liable to make any refund whatsoever.

9. The Tenancy.
The Tenancy confers upon the Tenants the right to occupy for a holiday within the meaning of Section 9 of The Rent Act 1977.

10. Tenants’ Obligations.
The Tenants agree:
a) To pay for any losses or damages to the property, however caused. Reasonable wear & tear excluded. b) To take good care of the property and leave it in a tidy condition at the end of the tenancy. c) Not to smoke (or cook) anywhere other than permitted areas of the property. d) Not to bring any pets to the property unless otherwise agreed. e) To arrange catering via Dewsall. f) No fireworks permitted. g) When using St Michael & All Angels Church tenants are responsible for paying for any losses or damages and agree to be respectful in their use of the church and to leave the church in a clean and tidy condition after use. h) Confetti & Balloons are not permitted unless biodegradable. We advise you use natural petal confetti. i) agree that the chef’s kitchen and its equipment is restricted to Dewsall’s use only.

11. Risk.
Dewsall shall not be liable for any damage or injury caused to the Tennant in respect of the property, grounds or any amenity provided by the Owner or for any loss or damage to the personal belongings of the Tenant how so ever arising. Please note that children must be supervised at all times.

12. Cautionary Deposit.
Applicants are required to lodge a cautionary deposit of £1000 with Dewsall 4 weeks prior to tenancy. This sum will be held to cover any losses, damage and additional cleaning charges that may arise if the property is left in an unsatisfactory condition. Charges for extra services may be deducted from this deposit in addition to charges that may have to be applied due to any alteration in VAT or other expenses. This deposit less any deductions will be refunded within fourteen days after the tenancy ends.

13. Contact information for all tenants must be submitted 2 weeks before tenancy commences to enable us to contact the relevant people in the incident of loss or damage.
A guest list specifying names and numbers of guests on the property at any given time must be submitted before any event.

14. Duration and Times of Lettings.
Letting commences at 2pm on the first day of the tenancy and ends at 2pm on the date of departure unless otherwise notified or agreed.
Dewsall reserve the right to change these times on 48 hours notice prior to the start of the tenancy should circumstances require.

15. Non-Availability of Property.
If for any reason beyond the control of Dewsall the property is not available on the date booked (owing to fire damage, for example) or the property is unsuitable for letting, all rent and charges paid in advance by the Applicants will be refunded in full but the Applicant shall have no further claim against Dewsall.

16. Swimming Pools and ponds. (where applicable)
The Tenants agree that the use of pools/pond, which are unsupervised, is at the Tenant’s own risk in all respects. Please note that children must be supervised at all times.

17. Tree house.
The Tenants agree that the use of the tree house, which is unsupervised, is at the Tenant’s own risk in all respects. Please note that children must be supervised at all times.

18. Discrepancies.
In the event of discrepancy between these booking conditions and any other contents of any brochure, these conditions shall prevail. Dewsall, Hereford, United Kingdom HR2 8DA +44 (0) 1432 276 724 info@dewsall.com

19. All bookings are for fixed periods.
There is no right for Applicants to postpone or defer the booking. Unless otherwise agreed by Dewsall in writing, any postponement of a booking will be deemed for the purposes of these terms to be a cancellation of the original booking followed by a new booking for the new period and the provision of these terms relating to cancellations shall apply to the original booking.

20. Catering and Additional Services.
Payment for all additional specified services (including but not limited to catering) is expected in full 14 days prior to the Tenancy in accordance with clause 4.

Catering Terms & Conditions of A2Zest for Dewsall Court.
a) Quotations
All quotations are valid for 2 months from the date of the quotation.

b) Payment
All clients will be invoiced for services provided by A2Zest 14 days prior to a confirmed event. All clients are required to pay within 14 days of receipt of their invoice. Any alternative payment terms must be agreed in writing prior to this date.

c) Cancellation
If a confirmed event is cancelled the following charges will apply:
Within seven working days of event – 100%
Within fourteen working days of event – 75%
Within twenty-one working days of event – 50%
Within twenty-eight working days of event – 25%

d) Loss & Damage
The client is responsible for all equipment from the time of delivery until it is collected by A2Zest, or subcontractor, or returned by the client. Any breakages, loss or damage, however caused, will be charged in full to the client at full replacement value, and must be paid in full on presentation of our invoice.

e) Force Majeure
No liability is accepted by A2Zest Events due to circumstances beyond A2Zest’s control.

f) Late Changes
If party numbers decrease within 7 days of the event no cost reduction will be made.

g) Staff Extensions. If the event continues beyond the agreed finish time, supplementary staff costs will apply. Each member of staff will be charged to the client at their corresponding hourly rate or part hour thereof.

Dewsall reserve the right to use the catering kitchen at their discretion notwithstanding that any booking may be for exclusive use.

Subject to separate terms and conditions. We will provide details of our preferred florist.

22.Audio equipment, bands & djs. Must be arranged or approved by Dewsall. We will monitor sound during your event. Live music must end at 11pm and recorded music at 12am.

A surcharge may apply to any outsourced items. We will provide details if this applies.

23. Corkage.
Dewsall will charge corkage on any alcohol supplied by the tenant (except in the event of an unstaffed exclusive use). Guests must not bring any alcohol on site without previously agreeing terms with Dewsall.

24. Late Night Revelry.
Dewsall wish you to have a truly wonderful stay, however they also have lovely neighbours and Dewsall reserve the right to stop late night revelry in the house and grounds.

25. Departure for weddings.
Guests over and above the 23 house guests are asked to depart at 12 midnight.

26. St Michael & All Angels Church, Dewsall.
Dewsall will help negotiate use of the parish church subject to enquiry and availability with the parish. See also Section 10.Tennants Obligations.

If you need more information on booking our venue please give us a call on 01432 355 058
or emailhello@dewsall.com