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January 19th Supper Club

January 19th sees the start of our new season of Dewsall Supper Clubs.

Jonny Evans and Billy Pallet have amazing cheffing backgrounds – their biogs read well with big names such as Michael Caines and Jamie Oliver featuring. Jonny and Billy have also supported many of the chefs who cooked during our last season of supper clubs and, although they loved the experiences, felt that their understanding of the Dewsall customer, along with their fantastic cookery skills, could create an evening which surpasses the taste bud explosion of all previous supper clubs!! We love their attitude and their ethusiasm, promising to blow us away with their flavours and flare. For more information on this please see our supper clubs page where their menus are printed.

If you need more information on booking our venue please give us a call on 01432 355 058